School & Sports Physicals

Before the school bell rings or the referee blows the whistle, the phone at Kingwood Family Practice Associates will ring with the calls from local students and athletes getting ready to hit the books and the field. Most schools and organized sports teams require annual physical exams prior to acceptance. Besides the usual well-visit physical exam, the team at Kingwood Family Practice encourages the following health care measurements:

  • Evaluate growth and development, including height, weight and body mass index
  • Ensure immunizations are up to date
  • Talk about health problems or injuries
  • Review medications currently taking
  • Check blood pressure
  • Discuss family history and order any related lab tests
  • Test for hearing or vision problems
  • Screen for or monitor behavioral or emotional issues, such as depression or attention deficit disorder
  • Discuss age-relevant lifestyle topics (puberty, sex, drugs)
  • Provide preventive care (guidance if overweight or sexually active)