About US

The words “Family Doctor” mean so much more today than in the past.  There have been many advances in the delivery of primary care services and in some cases elsewhere the level of care and compassion has suffered.  We strive to deliver not just state of the art quality medical care, but also a level of service that leaves our patients fully satisfied of our commitment to them and their families.

We strive to establish a relationship with our patients and families that allows us to all work together in a team approach to achieve comprehensive, quality care.  At Kingwood Family Practice Associates, we are experienced health care professionals dedicated to health and well-being for you and your family.

We care for all age groups from 6 years old to 100+ years old.  We know that you have a choice when making the very important decision as to whom you will choose as your family doctor.  We recognize that the relationship you want with your Kingwood Family Doctor is very special and unique.

As always, we appreciate your referrals of friends and family to us.  It is a great compliment to us and we sincerely thank you.  For over 15 years, the primary source of new patient referrals to us has come from friends and family.

Every family in the Kingwood Humble neighborhood needs the services of a Family Practice doctor.  Dr. Stephanie Gross Pierce is one of Kingwood’s best known family doctors specializing in Family Medicine.  She is board certified in primary care specialties.

We are proud to recommend appropriate preventive medical care.  Our patients are our most treasured asset and we put your physical and mental well being first and foremost.